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Cabernet Nail Spa

Located conveniently in Granite Bay, CA 95746, Cabernet Nail Spa is known for its exclusive Vinotherapy, Anti-Aging Medical Board, and Locally Sourced Farm to Fork Organic Partners.

As the premier Nail Spa of Granite Bay, we also offer a wide range of exclusive services and natural products to give you the look you want and the wellness you deserve. From the minute you step into our nail salon to the minute you step out; you'll be provided with excellent service and comfort in a relaxing environment. Our trained staff will pamper you and make your hands, feet, and nails look their best.

About Us
We have the best therapies

Cabernet Nail Spa is a first-class Relaxation and Beauty Nails Spa that promotes comfort, beauty, well-being, and health.

Customers are happy with us

We use ONLY the most trusted brands in the beauty industry. Our world-class products, services, and top technologies.

Highly qualified staff

Our staff was trained to follow a proper sanitization protocol that puts our customer’s cleanliness as the number one priority.